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Picture of a spaceship.

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Alien Pool is a compelling space shooter written in C++, and using SDL. It supports many interesting features:

Alien Pool is similar to both asteroids and pool. Move a spaceship around the screen and shoot at aliens. Aliens that have been shot bounce around the screen and hit other aliens. Collect power-ups that provide extra health, hyperspace, and supershoot!

Alien Pool is free software released under the GNU GPL.


Here are some nice screenshots of Alien Pool:

Screenshot Screenshot

System Requirements

Alien Pool is known to run on the following platforms:

Additionally, you must have these libraries:


You can find source and binary packages for Alien Pool here. The current version is 0.2.0.

If you would like to create packages for other systems, please let me know!


You can contact Michael J. Korman, the developer of Alien Pool at

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